Our very own DailyMotion raises $34M

I am very glad to announce that we (DailyMotion) just closed our next round of funding with Advent Venture Partners and AGF Private Equity, raising $34M or €25M in cash.  And unlike others that’s almost all fresh cash…  We gave the eclusive to Leila at WSJ.

Today we are clearly the #1 independent video site globally, with a great creative slant and strong multicultural tone.  It’s a unique forum for personal expression, freedom and creativity, mixed with a peppering of more tradiitonal (and better producded :-)) media.  It’s what the web is all about.

The race is on as to who can provide the most credible alternative or threat to
: the new pirates at Veoh with the Eisner and Freston
connections, the Metacafe guys, or us.  Today we are in the
lead, but this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Since Philippe Collombel from Partech and I joined the board of DailyMotion last year, we have been very fortunate to be part of a fantastic growth story, moving from 2.5 to 38M Unique Users and growing the company from 8 to over 50 people.

It’s been an exhilarating ride so far, first with the intense growth in users (40% every month) which put real pressure on the tech team to scale with the traffic (bring on these Isilon clusters !!), then with the constant fight against copyright infringement (and in that respect the company has been incredibly inventive, sometimes at the expense of some of the user features) and finally with the hiring of a fantastic team.

We have added Mark Zaleski (CEO QXL) as Exec Chair, Joy Marcus (SVP Time Warner) to run the US, Cath Mullen (MTV and Fuse MD) to run international, Werner Brell (Viva COO) to run Germany, Frederic Bellier (Tiscali head of sales) to run monetization, etc etc. 

The company has really moved on from its early days, fuelled by the original vision of the founder, Benjamin Bejbaum, who on his way back from a trip to New York decided to start developing a tool to share his creative videos with his friends.   Oh, and that was before YouTube.  Olivier Poitrey provided the technical smarts and off they went.  Ben was the first power user and remains close to the community and its creative users.

<— Ben was once kidnapped by Jack Bauer and never recovered

It’s a true viral success
, never spent a dime on marketing, only started PR recently.  By and for the community, from the start.

With the new money and investors we can continue to build on these auspicious beginnings and hopefully deliver a great European and international success, that showcases the best of the world’s short form media and creative content.

Further coverage on this at NewTeeVee by Kiz, Paidcontent by Rafat,at Techcrunch (what did we do to deserve these headlines :-)).

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