iPhone-d … am i becoming a geek ?

Post #5,456,789 on the topic, but frankly, we will all write one on this topic. I held the iPhone in my hands last night and experienced as close to ecstasy as a gagdet is likely to do for me. Absolutely amazing.  I am no gagdet freak and I miss my old GSM phone that would keep going for 3 weeks like a Duracell rabbitt. 

But frankly this goes well beyond the iPod Nano in terms of excitement.  It probably goes beyond anything I have experienced before. It’s like watching the first colour TV broadcast (if memory serves me well, BBC, Wimbledon).

Here are a few of the things you can look forward to:

  • Hand Navigation: moving across a map or a browser by simply sliding your finger, zooming in or out with a simple spreading movement of thumb and index… FINALLY mobile browsing works !
  • Widgets Galore:  I might be wrong but it looks like Apple is allowing you to choose simple widgets (like have existed since Konfabulator days) to decorate your desktop so imagine designing your whole interface online and simply synching to your phone.  If Logitech could design the equivalent for their universal remote now please.
  • A Real Browser: I might be wrong again, but looks like a fully fledged Safari is running on this baby, not some crap mobile phone browser.  And with the hand navigation, it’s really a pleasure.  Has mobile data finally arrived ?
  • And A Most Incredible Screen: watching videos on the iPod (which by the way has a fantastic collection browsing capability). it ws frankly the first time that I could actually imagine myself watching music videos on my mobile.  Fan-Ta-Stic.

Isn’t it amazing that after the "Wheel", Apple comes up with this new and amazing navigation technology that makes mobile convergence real ? Take the guided tour for more.

Nokia has been trying to do this forever and it took Apple to produce a real convergent device.  I wonder if the lesson is: get over your NIH syndrome (a major block at Nokia) and start refocusing on your customers.  Shame it apparently really does not cut it as a phone :-)

When you flip the Apple on its side the screen also flips.  In the case of the iPod function it changes to a nice library view of your music or video content.  Dude!

Get this, only ONE button !  It always bring you back home if you get lost

Day One 1

"Day I" on the iPhone …. Now I understand why these people are all fanatics.

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