At last — some good US PR for DailyMotion

YouTube captured the market’s imagination overseas.  It’s a darling of the press, even post the Viacom suit.  By contrast our team of creative mavericks at DailyMotion seemed to slowly become the systematic target of negative comments in the US press.

Never mind the fact that the business was created by a highly creative team of media lovers who cherish nothing more than their “motionmakers”, as the company calls its high-impact creative users.  Never mind that YouTube by contrast started as a video dating site for MySpace.

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Of course activities by users violating copyright is a critical issue that we are all grappling with, and unfortunately the DMCA could not envisage the catch-22 it creates for businesses like YouTube.  But this will get sorted over time.

DailyMotion is “avant tout” an emerging media brand for short form content that glorifies creativity, great production and looks to work alongside media owners to help them harness this new medium.

So I was delighted to see (finally) a great article in the New York Times that looks at the DailyMotion from the lens of the user and highlights the Blogotheque’s fantastic TakeAway shows as well as some of the parkour content.  Thank you New York Times !


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