Video of SecondChanceTuesday Panel

Courtesy of Lloyd Davis at Perfect Path, the full video of the SecondChanceTuesday panel is up on YouTube.  It’s a full 39 minutes and there no direct access to sequences given it’s flash streaming, so it’s fairly painful to get to the better moments.  It’s a good watch for entrepreneurs trying to get a read on VC style and way of thinking.

YouTube has some way to go in delivering long-form structured videos in a usable way.
We need:

  • appropriate production quality
  • direct access to sequences within a video without having to wait for the progressive download (I guess HTTP streaming can address this)
  • automated text tagging of content
  • ability to search within the transcript of a single video and access related content in a click
  • abitlity to search on  images opens up a bunch more possibilities

Some way to go, a lot left to invent…

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