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My friend Nick Gregg finally got blogging and I recommend reading his "StrategyEye" for a well summarised view of breaking news.  URLs are a bit confusing right now but I am sure this will grow into a must-have on your RSS reader. 

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As a sample here is a good post on DailyMotion (republished with kind permission):

  • French video sharing site Dailymotion
    has been listed in the top 100 most visited pages of Alexa’s web
    analytics platform. Last July, the portal was positioned in the top
    million most visited websites and has this year reached a peak of 1bn
    page views in February, positioning itself in 80th position.
    Dailymotion is a video sharing site that competes with YouTube,
    enabling users to share personal videos with family, friends and other
    Dailymotion users with video taken with devices such as  video cameras
    mobile phones or web cams. The site incorporates web 2.0 features
    including video widgets for embedding in blogs, podcasting, RSS feeds
    and multilingual social tagging.  All of Dailymotions features are
    multilingual in formant with Dailymotion offering 11 languages since
    launch. A Recent feature addition to the video sharing site include a
    feature called MotionMaker, enabling content creators such as
    musicians, film producers and other artists to post local language
    specific content. Producers of original high quality content are
    awarded with advertising revenue cuts.
  • Similarly to other video sharing sits such as YouTube,
    Dailymotion has been negotiating deals with media companies and content
    owners. The latest 9 Mar deal, between Dailymtion and Universal Music,
    enables the broadcast of Universal Music’s music videos on the portal
    in exchange for advertising revenue. Earlier this year a similar deal
    was signed with Warner Music. The recent growth of the video sharing
    site has instigated local media companies to move closer to Dailymotion
    in an attempt to diversify their broadcasting portfolio and move to an
    increasingly interactive approach. As such local broadcasters,
    including France 24, have been using the portal to enable viewers to
    upload videos of themselves, which are then broadcasted on TV shows,
    allowing the public to ask questions or raise issues concerning the
    theme of the show.
  • This increase in popularity has prompted analysts to believe that
    many VC firms are now missing out on what could potentially turn into a
    serious YouTube contender. It appears as though Partech International
    and Atlas Venture‘s
    USD9.56m funding has served well, considering that Dailymotion offers
    numerous web pages (French and Italian with a plan to open websites for
    the US and Germany) and its popularity is extending overseas reaching
    Japan. Partech International
    general partner Philippe Collombel explained that such growth has
    turned Dailymotion into an acquisition target "[but] with such strong
    growth, we are not in any hurry to sell".

The MarketClusters service (soon to be rebranded I understand) is one we subscribe to at Atlas Venture. Clicking on the link takes to a page that has sharing and analysis features and a categorised view of recent news relating to that company, other entities in the article and its segment.  In this example, here is what the links portion of the page looks like:


It’s a great service for the time constrained information junkies we have all become as well as for more structured competitive watch.

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