Seatwave: coming out

Nice writeup from Mike over at Vecosys on Seatwave, our play in secondary ticketing.

Guarantee <— the consumer champion

We were keeping this one quiet (you know, to let our customers do the talking).  Given this was funded almost a year ago we have done well at keeping it in stealth.  Paul Fisher  wrote a nice roundup of web2 investments and can now complete his table with the missing information.

I will write a much more detailed post when we are ready to fully unwrap this great business and team.  Just to avoid any wrong assumptions, yes we knew about Eric Baker’s Viagogo (well before the big funding round) and we decided to do this anyway.  So there you go, eyes wide open :-)  Let’s just say for now Joe Cohen and his team rock, and that to my completely unbiased eyes this is the best consumer offering out there.  Oh, and Joe likes AC/DC — ’nuff said.

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