Infinite Babinet strikes again: $6.5M for MXP4

Gilles Babinet, of MusiWave fame, is back with Ventech (again) and Sofinnova and a new business called MXP4, whose funding was just announced today on YouVox (you gotta love French company names :-))


MXP4 is all about music being remixed and modified on the fly, from what I gather.  One way to achieve this is that a certain number of preset remixes of each track of a given song can be modified on the fly to give a different feel to a title, say play Thievery Corporation in full reggae mix or rehash Metallica as Ambient!  But this sounds more ambitious and exciting.  Gilles says that in testing with friends, the audience was happy to listen to the same artist all evening with the different mixes and moods keeping the interest level up.

That sounds pretty good to me.  Interacting with content in richer ways is part of how the digital natives experience media already anyway.

There are not enough details out yet to comment further in a public forum, but if you are interested in this field it is worth checking out what YourSpins does, for example with Robbie Williams.

Gilles is part of a growing possee of multi-project entrepreneurs a la Pierre Chappaz, who is co-CEO at Netvibes and Exec chair at Wikio.  He is also involved with Eyeka which he helped get off the ground, and some others.  Sylvain Huet and Philippe Ulrich are the co-founders on this one.   Infinite, unpredictable, interactive, the Gilles Way.  Can’t wait to see this go live…

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