The (r)evolution will not be televised

After the “Segolene video” (where she got caught telling a small audience what she really meant to do with the education segment), we now have the “Duhamel video“.

In the middle of a lengthy and balanced review of Francois Bayrou, heavyweight political commentator Alain Duhamel almost unwittingly announces he will be voting for Bayrou. The video was shot in November, it took two months and the publication of the amateur footage on DailyMotion for this to emerge, sparking a mini controversy. France Televisions and RTL took the journalist off the air for breach of independance and neutrality, even though the candidate took his fair share of criticism from Duhamel. Good analysis of the storm at les Embruns.

Is old media just trying to force its talent to go the independent way ? No one, even torrents of abuse, could shut Loic down when he announced he was voting Sarko. What is for certain is that most of the seminal campaign moments so far have emerged from the blogosphere and social media.

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