Paris Motionized: Winner of the MoMo Global Award

Realeyes3D has great musical taste, unique investors and a fantastic sense of style. Don’t believe me ? Watch the video (nothing about the unique investors there though). Oh, and it wins some awards too. Like the MoMo Global Jury Award at 3GSM.

This is just one of their imaging apps, embedded on a phone near you (over 20 million in the market). And for something different, a bit more consumery, try Qipit and read its refreshing blog.

PS I thought this was a randow award too, dear reader, until I wrote this blog post and landed on the jury list:

  • Oliver Star, MobileCrunch
  • Carlo Longino, TechDirt Wireless, Mobhappy
  • Kelly Goto, Gotomedia
  • Russell Buckley, Mobhappy
  • Peter Versterbacka, Some Bazaar
  • Daniel Appelquist, Senior Technology Strategist, Vodafone Group
  • Michel Wendell, General Partner, Nexit Ventures
  • Carlos Domingo, General Director, Telefonica R&D
  • Master of Ceremony: Caroline Lewko, WIP Connector

Cool !

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