OpenCoffee club in London

Hail Hail!  Saul Klein has immediately started bringing further openness to VC.  You can check out where to meet on his blog for the OpenCoffee club.

There is a real challenge for any of us to cut time out of a week where travel, board meetings and entrepreneur meetings tend to leave little time for family or even checking email (my inbox currently numbers 1,480).  Nevertheless if we make a real effort to be there and keep the level of conversation challenging and engaged, this should be "accidental time" well spent.

It all goes back to providing more transparency to a market where entrepreneurs don’t really know who does what and have real trouble cutting through completely undifferentiated marketing messages coming from the VC’s. 

Call it Open Source Venture Capital. It’s a theme I love and that we tried to promote through events like the Elevator Pitch in the Elevator at the Next Web conference.

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