Majors have no ownership in YouTube

Through Ratiatum based on this filing ,and also at PaidContent

It seems unclear whether the music majors received any form of ownership in YouTube / Google, contrary to stories floated at the time.  Industry insiders generally consider that the YouTube deals were too expensive, but it is getting increasingly hard to know exactly what they agreed.

Other fascinating YouTube numbers courtesy of Rafat Ali:

— Chad Hurley received 694,087 Google shares and another 41,232 shares in a trust. Based on Google’ market price of $470.01, that values Hurley’s stake at $345.6 million.
— Co-founder Steve Chen received 625,366 Google shares and another 68,721 in a trust, indicating his stake is valued at $326.2 million.
— Jawed Karim, the third co-founder, received 137,443 Google shares, with an indicated value of $64.6 million.
— Sequoia Capital’s holdings include 941,027 Google shares as part of its Sequoia Capital XI fund, with an indicated current value of more than $442.3 million.

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