Fizzback : Fizzy investment performance on the way for Advent ?

IMI aka Instant Market Intelligence this week announced (finally) an investment from Advent Venture Partners and my personal friend Frederic Court.  The company also renamed itself Fizzback.

  <– Here he is, looking very west coast with a Frenchie twist

Frederic, who is without a doubt the best dressed VC in Europe bar none, has brought Advent onto the consumer scene with Qype, TheMovingService, Echovox and now Fizzback.  The venerable instituition is  getting funky.  I noticed Martin McN started to wear black designer suits recently …

It is a good name for a company built on providing feedback from places other brands can’t reach (like National Express buses) i.e. out in the field.  In discussions with Robin Klein we agreed the endgame was to build from a position of excellence in instant feedback towards a comprehensive feedback platform, a one-stop shop for the needs of retailers and service providers.  It is the second time Robin and Frederic collaborate since RK is also involved with the MovingService.  (For full disclosure we are also closely engaged with Robin notably on Koodos and Moo)  Long live Richard Moross.

I really like Rob Keve when I met him and I have no doubt that with their own talent and good stewardship from Robin as Chairman and Frederic as investor, they are out to build a great business.  Next step: acquire Reevoo :-)

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