Conferences in Jan-Feb: AO, Lift, FOWA

A quick overview of where to find me in the coming weeks should you want to meet.  Reach at fdestin [at] atlas venture [dot] com.

First off is Always-On Media in New York (Jan 29-31) at the Mandarin.  How very start up.  I will be moderating on session on the Power of Mashups, with the CEO’s of Meebo, Etelos, Dave.TV, and ClipSync.  It has nothing to do with improving stamina and fitness, but I hope it will provide some good mental stimulation.  At other times I can be found at the Mandarin Spa of course, with my therapist.

After that off to LIFT, away from West Village grime and on to pure Geneva air for some mind-refreshing social futurism.  Even Jacques Attali apparently felt compelled to attend.  Bold predictions, radical thinking and fondue.  What more can you ask for ?

Then, surprise: no 3GSM this year.  I decided to give it a pass.  I am cross with my mobile phone about having less battery life and impossibly badly designed menus (It’s a Nokia N70).  Oh, and all of my colleagues are going.

Instead I am going to Carson’s Future of Web Apps for some geeky goodness.  Feb 20-22 in London, so I can also put the kids to bed.  Our boys at MOO are flying the flag !

You can’t get anywhere on this Moo cards bike but it sure looks pretty.
Courtesy DonSorsa.

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