VC bloggers meetup

Well, we did not have to rent a big room for this one !! All of us London-based VC bloggers met at the Nobu Bar on Berkeley Street to sample a few drinks and soak up the atmosphere.

We missed Max Beyleben who is having a kid (fingers crossed) but had Shantanu, Jason, Paul and Nic.

Paul “the Guvnor” said he had no time to blog because there were too many deals going on and of course we all laughed at him…  What, not blogging between 12 and 1 every night ? We all bowed to Jason who has been blogging in some form or other for 8 years.  Respect!  Shantanu had to run off early because Anne Glover was made CBE (that’s a Commander of the British Empire to you and me …).  I understand that’s not a reflection of her management style :-)

Good discussion around market evolution, whether IPTV is completely overhyped, to what extent raising big funds links to strategy creep, how much Benchmark is managing these days, what Accel plans to do about it, succession issues at a bunch of the funds, and so on. Oh yes, we did compare our devices for about 45 minutes.  Oh yes, and Esprit got beaten to the post by Brad Feld in annoucing WAYN.

Some blogger takeaways were:

  • Blogging is still a pain because the tools are not robust.  Can’t be that hard, when is someone going to put out a really user friendly app ?  I have been through BlogJet, Performancing, online, Qumana … and now just use the Flock editor with the FlickrAPI.
  • We are all so lonely out there.  There are not enough entrepreneurs and VC’s participating in this to create really sustained conversations.  So we all pledged to comment on each other more and to convert 75 of our closest friends into bloggers for next year.  I have my eye on Frederic Court.  He told me he would start with a family VOx blog.  So work in progress !

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