French Conservatives buys AdWords to embarass left wing leader

Fascinating !  First a DailyMotion user (ironically named Jules Ferry) lands peachy Segolene Royal (leader of the French socialist party) in hot water after posting this video over the 35 hour week in education.  That’s citizen journalism in action.  The video has got 700K views in the site and probably twice that offsite, having been on prominent pages of LeMonde, Libe, LeFigaro and others.


I hear about this and of course I want to see the video and type "video segolene" in  Check this out: the French Conservative party, UMP, is buying AdWords "segolene video" in Google to direct traffic to its blog.  The subtitle to this alluring "segolene loses her cool" link says: "can she talk, listen, debate with others".  I knew they bought Loic before, but this is even more amusing. 

So what’s next ? Are they going to do SEO too ?  Is Loic going to vote Sego ?  Will Karl Zero move to vpod ?  Are elections becoming exciting again thanks to technology ?

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2 Responses to French Conservatives buys AdWords to embarass left wing leader

  1. hum… I saw yesterday that was also buying the Segolene keyword… I got a screen copy of Loic’s site ;)

  2. Fred Destin says:

    I don’t think that’s the case; DM do not buy words. I assume others (as in UMP pobably) were buying DM redirection w/o authorisation through AdWords. Looks like they have not figured out video embedding :-) or more likely were trying to keep out of sight. WAT (i.e. TF1 on DM white label) have been buying Segolene too.