UMG sues MySpace and EMI agrees deal with Gotuit

We have two viewer-facing video initiatives here at Atlas, one being Gotuit Media and its portal and the other being DailyMotion.  Good news landed on the public pages on Thursday with the announcement of the EMI – Gotuit licensing agreement.

Strikingly UMG announced a lawsuit against MySpace the next day.  The debate around MySpace seems to be that MySpace has been monetising a ton of pages that have historically contained copyrighted content.  I have looked at the DMCA in detail; the law is ambiguous and was not designed with UGC in mind, so this is not an easy one to predict.  I will be watching the outcome with interest !

Gotuit offers a nicely branded and protected experience to media owners because (a) its quality is very high and (b) there is no opportunity for the content to escape the site.  So whilst there is a definite downside in terms of viral spread and community leverage, Gotuit is in the business of building an alternative to television where copyrighted content feels safe.

You can read Techcrunch hereGood things don’t come to those who wait on Gotuit:

  • Video access is very very fast
  • You can browse the site whilst you watch the video
  • Deep tagging features mean you can navigate straight to the right sequence

Some good reviews from TechnoBabble and Read/Write Web as well.

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One Response to UMG sues MySpace and EMI agrees deal with Gotuit

  1. Thanks for the bookmark.

    Actually, I didn’t get well what you told me about this website during our dinner cause i thaught they could provide me easy ways to edit and personnalise, on-line, my own content.
    They do precisely the opposit : they protect it, locking it up in a flash display.
    Difficult for me to know if it’s really value added.

    I read a quotation recently : “God likes birds and create trees ; men like birds and invented cages”. Aren’t we witnessing the same interpretation of value with digital contents? Instead of providing good tools to expand, share and distribute (PPV) videos, we are setting new barriers of expression, as if scarecity still prevailed on abundance. The most advance features that i could find on Gotuit is bookmarking : any resistance against the next mash-up settle devices ?