Boonty goes disruptive in casual gaming

Mathieu Nouzareth at Boonty, a blogger and  entrepreneur I rate and like, seems to be preparing a nice business extension: a free casual multi-game MMOG.  How he managed to get I don’t know, but I like the look of this !  Deserves to be succesful and kick Real out of contention.  Mathieu, let’s discuss that next round of yours ;-) 

Discovery courtesy of Pascal

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3 Responses to Boonty goes disruptive in casual gaming

  1. Fred, let me know when you are available ! I’ll be happy to talk to you :-)

  2. Nabeel Hyatt says:

    That is indeed an amazing domain name. And there is definitely going to a big winner in the multiplayer-casual space, and I don’t think it is going to be the current players.

    But having a download is horrendous. Must be in-browser — or at least 50% of the experience (playable demos, create your avatar) in the browser and then download at the end of the process. Otherwise the cost of customer acquisition will likely be too high to get critical mass.

    But good luck I wish Mathieu well, can’t wait to see how it develops.

  3. Lots of people comment on the thick client/doawnload thing. I agree that sometime a browser based approach can bo good for some stuff but for others like graphics, low latency multiplayer gaming, realtime communication, a download approach is the only way.

    After all a lot of hot companies have opted for the downlaod approach, including Skype (25MB), Second Life (50MB), Itunes (25 MB), WoW, the Venice Project and many others.

    A browser based only approach is pure web 2.0 hype.

    And while it maybe be *a bit* more difficult to have people downlaod, once you get them to do it, it becomes very sticky and creates great barriers of entry…

    Just to give you an idea, we have about over 100 millions download per year at Boonty. In spite of what some say, consumer LOVE to download stuff to their PC.