Well done Eric "configurable phone" Baissus

A quick word to congratulate Eric Baissus of OpenPlug on the new fundraising.  Eric is a cracking entrepreneur and I wish him and his team all the best with OpenPlug.

The reason why Eric, a TI vet, stands out in my book is that he marries both the deep engineering expertise that is often found in French companies with a proper business head and great dealmaking ability.

OpenPlug was advised by Jean-Michel Deligny at Go4Venture.  Go4Venture is not a state-funded incubator despite the name but a highly professional fundraiser boutique.  JMD publishes a venture capital bulletin which is recommended reading, in which he sometimes even comes close to adding a flippant comment.  Very risque for a fundraiser, although as you can see no risk taken on the dress code ;-)

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