Deal envyy

Win some lose some, but I have to admit, I really wish I had done NetVibes.  Not because it is clear why it is going to beat IG or Live, not because the business model is screamingly obvious, but because it is simply the most useful thing I have come across since email.  Just playing around with the video search tool, I wished, for once, that we had a West Coast office…

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4 Responses to Deal envyy

  1. Nick says:

    Why do you nead a “west coast office”? Netvibes is an european company…

  2. ouriel says:

    Hi Fred

    I see we have nearly the same Netvibes Tab…

    Btw great job on your blog.

  3. Fred Destin says:

    Nick: the reality is that the West Coast matters a lot in the Web2 world. Bus dev is much faster and efficient around 101. And this was an important competitive factor in this round of financing.

  4. azeem says:

    You guys had a west coast office. I went to it in 1999.