Zyb = "burning hot" contacts backup is also a feature of ShoZu

Morten Lund says "Zyb’s hot" (in typically understated Danish style ;-)) and points to coverage at PopGadget and GizmodoZyb is a contacts backup / share service that’s free forever.  That’s one up on Fred Wilson’s Freemium but then it ain’t expensive to deliver.  It’s obviously a useful service;  it’s based on SyncML so some kind of action is required (I assume) to make sure the synch works.  The only issue I can see which getting so much buzz in the US is that I’ll bet it does not work on Verizon

I wanted to point out that "zero click" automatic backup is a feature of ShoZu, one of our babies (well, adolescent / young adult really) that I mentioned before, as a by-product of the abililty to synch rich media and receive off-operator broadcasts.  Here is a partial view of my contacts backup page on Shozu.  I had kind of forgotten about this little plus until reading Morten, so there we go.

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3 Responses to Zyb = "burning hot" contacts backup is also a feature of ShoZu

  1. Thomas says:

    There has been a lot of discussions about zyb in the last few weeks. I think zyb would sooner become a necessity then a service and they deserve it as well. I personally think that the concept is really smart and their approach is very practical.

  2. Francois M. says:

    Remember FusionOne? (yes the ones who burnt through $140m and made, uhhh…zero revenues) – they’re back !


    First (US) carrier depolyment selling the service under the MightyPhone brand.

    OMG, it’s 1999 again!

  3. Andy Tiller says:

    Contacts backup on its own doesn’t look like a viable business. We discovered that people love it when they have a disaster (e.g. see this delightful story from a ShoZu user ), but typically they don’t value it highly until disaster strikes.