Only 3 women partners in UK Tech VC ?

Valerie says in our world you can’t say "cherchez la femme", pointing to only 5% female CEOs in tech.  The same is true of venture capital itself.  In the UK market, as far as I know, there are only three women VC partners now that Diana Noble has left Reed Elsevier Ventures: Anne Glover at Amadeus, Sonali here at Atlas and Laurel Bowden at JVP.  France presents a slightly better picture of diversity, notably at Banexi.  Luckily there is some up and coming talent among which April Henry (pictured) at Index and Amy Jurries at Advent.  [… I’m sure I will get lambasted for forgetting someone, there’s really no upside to this blogging thing !]

UPDATE: an Anonymous commenter (guys, do let us know who you are)  tells us that JVP is closing its London office.  Laurel tells me they are just moving offices, so this seems to be a misplaced rumour.

UPDATE #2: Ouch !  I told you I would forget someone.  Luckily I spotted in time that I forgot of course a relative newcomer in Judy Gibbons at Accel who joined them from MSN and is a Venture Partner there. and Clennel Collingwood of TTP also pointed out to me Eileen Tangal at Kennet and Catrina Holme at Esprit.  So we are up to 5 partners so far.  I did not include Vin at Elderstreet (who I really rate highly) because as far as I know she is working on an operational rollup with Michael Jackson, so not actively in the market for new deals.  And I did not cover LS, tech only.

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7 Responses to Only 3 women partners in UK Tech VC ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Make that two women partners in UK VC:
    – Laurel is leaving JVP
    – Laurel has left JVP
    – JVP is shutting down its London office
    [take your pick]

  2. Anonymous says:

    For the sake of completeness, how about:
    Catrina Holmes @ Esprit
    Eileen Tanghal @ Kennet
    Vin Murria @ Elderstreet
    Judy Gibbons @ Accel

  3. Still Anonymous says:

    But there are only 2 female VC GPs in the UK!
    That is the important statistic.
    All of the others mentioned are “venture partners”, “directors”, etc.

  4. Hi Fred,
    You can also add Maisy Ng, a managing partner at Add Partners, and a founding partner, I believe.

  5. Jean Rognetta says:

    Hello Fred,
    Though Elaia is more of a French VC, Maryline Kulawik is based in London and very much a lady…
    A very courageous post you did there, though.

  6. VC says:

    very surprising to see so few women running VC firms or VC backed start-ups :
    even in the male-dominated world of politics, some of them have managed to succeed…

    “Do they lack ambition ?” or is the fascinating world of innovation and technology ruled by old fashioned dictators ?

  7. Still Anonymous says:

    As predicted way back in August: Laurel Bowden is no longer with JVP. JVP does not have anyone in London. Check the web site.

    One less female GP in London.