Netvibes: Go west young man

Well done to Tariq and co for the nice new fundraising.  From my last live conversation with Karim at the NextWeb conference the adventure continues on the West Coast, which explains their choice of Accel Partners.  Well done also to Harry Nelis with whom I have the pleasure of working at KDS, who is involved in the deal.  One of the great things about Karim is how he has kept his cool despite everything that has happened to the company since they went live and got approached by Marc Andreessen within hours of launching.  Great stuff !

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  1. Good work Fred. Check my blog out at Got the own URL but not quite as pretty as yours!


  2. Fredd says:

    Nic thanks for dropping by; just got and updated my feed so it will be easier to find. Added you to my Netvibes as well, look fwd to reading you !

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  4. RYK says:

    Hi Fred, Namste from Bombay. Your RSS popped up as part of Feedster’s consolidated VC RSS. See you next month in LON.