Atlas key player in the UK venture market

Interesting report just out from LibraryHouse, picked up by Valerie at Alarm:Clock euro, including this chart:

Institutional Investors with More Than 20 Deals in the Venture-Backed Portfolio

Shows Atlas as one of the key players in the UK VC market.  Of course volume of deals is not synonymous with quality, but my completely impartial feeling is that our portfolio contains many strong companies (Kalido, Icera, Picochip, ShoZu and many others).

The graph is interesting in that it also indicates "propensity to syndicate".  We like to syndicate and the graph shows our close links to Benchmark, Quester and, increasingly, Accel.

The market is dynamic so to reflect venture activity I would make the following comments:

  • The graph misses the merger between Cazenove and Prelude into Esprit
  • SEP have become quite active locally. 
  • A number of these funds are not active currently for new investments, including TTP, Elderstreet
  • Aberdeen Murray Johnstone and Apax are not in the UK venture market (anymore)

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